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The “Value Ireland Forum” is no more

Following on from an e-mail we received from a reader last week – the Value Ireland Forum is no more – well, it sort of has been for a while.

Way back in 2003 when Value Ireland was first set up, the focus of the site was originally the Value Ireland Forum which allowed Irish consumers to make positive or negative comments about the value for money, quality and service they were getting from Irish businesses.

For a while, the Forum was quite successful with many interesting posts submitted for about 18 months. But it’s funny though, given that this was the height of the “rip off Ireland” craze, there were hundreds of visitors to the site, but only a small percentage actually left comments behind.

It was interesting to see that while people were interested to make the effort to visit the site to see what was there to be said, not many people felt angry enough about their experiences of “Rip Off Ireland” to actually leave a message that could be off assistance to others. Or were they really experiencing “Rip Off Ireland” at all?

Anyway, the tips and advice section of the Value Ireland website became more and more popular, so that’s where I started putting in the effort. Originally, I just left the forum out there to be used and viewed, but eventually, I removed reference to it from the main site.

While the forum was still out there and could be accessed via Google searches, I didn’t really pay any attention to it. It was only when I received a mail from Yuku, who took over my original service provider Ezboard, that they were migrating my forum that I reckoned I was as well get rid of it completely rather than have to manage the transition across.

So, I’ve deleted all the Forum categories, and deleted my account with Yuku/Ezboard. But I’m guessing that there will be pages that will still live on.

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