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VI Better Information 20-May-2008

  • Announced today, by Ryanair, the first price rise that makes the most sense, ever – charging for priority check-in. Coming back from Stanstead recently, there was the ridiculous situation where there was a plane full of people in the priority boarding queue, and only 1 person in the regular queue – and they still had to wait for everyone else to board. Madness!!! At least now priority boarding might actually provide some distinction.
  • Via Mr.Mulley again, further difficulties caused by Vodafone for one of their customers, BifSniff. One wonders how much you’d have to spend with them for them to actually attempt to keep one’s business.
  • I’ve been fairly critical of the National Consumer Agency on this blog – and here’s another gripe. Their Press Release and News and Research RSS feeds are driving me insane. Almost every single night, they republish hundreds of items and confuse the dates so that nothing appears in order at all – basically negating the use of the feeds at all.
  • Speaking of dodgy RSS feeds – it’s been months since I e-mailed Fine Gael about their faulty RSS feed for their news service. It’s still not working, and they don’t seem to have done anything to fix it.
  • Finally, has anyone noticed the very frustrating way in which The Sunday Tribune manage their website on a Sunday? While it’s not a great website in the first place, their way of encouraging newspaper sales rather than charging for content is to simply take down the whole website, providing a 404 message rather than doing anything more elegant.

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  • Even as I just published this article including the NCA feed issues, my Mozilla Thunderbird has just told me that there’s 450 new feed items in the NCA News & Research folder.


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