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Have a Nice Day – it costs nothing!

We in Dublin take pride in how we always say “thank you” to our Dublin Bus bus drivers. I know that since I’ve moved to the “big smoke”, it’s been something that I’ve been pretty constant on.

Where deserved, obviously! In the majority, our Dublin Bus drivers do a good job. Well, except for the clowns who get into the bus lane on O’Connell street behind the 46a when its just arriving at its stop.

In fairness, the world and their country cousin knows that when the 46a stops on our country’s main street, 200 people get out and 200 get on.

Why then would any driver think that skulking in behind the 46a at its own stop is the fastest way through town?

Anyway, rambling back to the point. My bus driver on the 140 route this morning totally caught me unawares.

On the way off the bus on Kildare Street, and passing my usual thanks, for the first time ever I received a response.

“No worries! You have a great day too!”

Stunning! It was almost like being back living in America. And I have to say, after having a few dodgy days at work previously, all it took was for that comment to send me into work in a little more positive mood!

It costs us nothing to say the nice word, and pass the good comment, yet the potential positive buzz it gives the recipient could be immeasurable!

I had a good day today thanks to my Bus Driver – what does it cost you to share the love?

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