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Rip Off Ireland is alive and well

I said earlier this week that I am of the opinion that we don’t really live in what many people call “Rip Off Ireland”. Yes, we have expensive shops, but we don’t always have to shop in them.

However, by the true definition of a “rip off”, the Irish Independent and Independent Newspapers (Evening Herald) seems to be singlehandedly keeping their own version of “Rip Off Ireland” going strong!

As you can see, from Answers.com, a rip-off can be defined as “something… such as a story… that is clearly imitative of or based on something else”.

I’ve already had my Charlie Weston experience, and Green Ink has highlighted a couple of more incidences in the last couple of days affecting Jazz Biscuit and Red Mum.

I reckon there must be enough regular content these days in our newspapers and magazines that’s plagiarised from blogs and uncredited by the publications concerned. I myself have 5 different incidences of journalists (and not all the Irish Independent) helping themselves to my own work without giving credit.

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