Shop around, even amongst outlets of the same chain

I had to laugh when I read this in todays Sunday Independent, in an article entitled “Prepare for an exodus of shoppers going North“. I’ll get back to the main point of the article later. Back to the cause of my amusement:

A number of multi-store chains this week also admitted to charging different prices for the same good in different stores. They put the blame down to higher operating costs in some stores. However, the Government and the NCA have told consumers to be vigilant and to “shop around”.

Well duh!!! Back in April 2005, here’s what we in Value Ireland had to say in a piece of research we did on outlets of Advance Pitstop (the article is available here):

Lesson Learned? It’s still better to shop around, despite what companies are telling us to do in their advertising. We’ve even shown that it’s worth your while shopping around different outlets of the same businesses – not necessarily something that would be immediately obvious.

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