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What’s the cheapest national Directory Enquiries Service?

We’ve all heard the advertising for 11850, 11811 and 11890. But do you know which service is the cheapest for getting a national number via directory enquiries (assuming you’re on the move and you can’t access the free online enquiry sites)?Ever heard of 11888? Nope, I hadn’t before today. But it’s the cheapest national directory enquiry service that we can find.Check out the ValueIreland.com research on Directory Enquiry Options and Costs to learn more available from these links (national or international)., and save yourself a few quid.

As an interesting aside, you may have noticed that I haven’t given a link for a 11888 website. This 11888 number is provided by the same people as 11850 – Conduit Ltd. Yet, the registration for 11888.ie is actually owned by their competitors, the people behind 11890, Numbers Direct Ltd. A little bit sneaky I think.

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