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Directory Enquiries – Now available via text

At the start of June I published some research on the ValueIreland.com website regarding the relative costs of the different directory enquiry options available across the different phone service providers.

This article recently in the Irish Examiner details a new text service which will provide directory enquiries on your mobile. The service is called Text Express and can also be accessed online at www.53939.ie.

According to the article, Mark Flanagan who is behind the service said:

Text Express replaces the waiting and expense of phoning premium directory enquiries numbers by providing a text service that costs just 60c as compared to as much as 71c with 11890, 96c with 11811 and 1.14c for 11850.

As above, this service costs €0.60 per text (though it’s not clear if that includes the operator text cost as well).

I’ve tried the service a couple of times. I’ve found it most useful when you just need a generic service and don’t really care who you’re going to use, as highlighted in the website – “taxi Limerick” or “pizza Galway”. I did find that trying to find a specific business took 3 attempts to get the number I was looking for.

6 comments On Directory Enquiries – Now available via text

  • I find it an excellent service. No hanging around, the results come back immediately. The cost of getting what I want is only 60c (Thats whats in their print ads and the regulator wouldn’t permit an incorrect amount be printed). Also, I use it for direct searches all the time and only once didn’t get back what I wanted but it came back about 5 minutes later—I had typed in Bus aireann instead of Bus Eireann so it was my mistake!

  • Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your post. It seems you’re having a far better experience with this service than I’ve been able to have.

    I tried another few numbers tonight.

    Unfortunately, Text Express could only provide 1 out of 3 numbers selected. It found “Dice Bar”, but couldn’t find “Cafe En Seine” or “Deputy Mayor Finglas”.

    The two numbers it couldn’t find returned me the message “Our automated service could not find Cafe En Seine. One of our operators will text you the number at no extra charge”.

    It’s currently 5 minutes after my original request, and still no numbers provided.

    Best of luck,

    editor, ValueIreland.com

  • Just to confirm, after 15 minutes, I did get the two numbers for the Deputy Mayor, and Cafe En Seine – and with an apology – “for the delay on this occasion”.

  • Peter Fry Property Investment Advisor

    Going back to the cost, I was looking at the 11850 site and saw this: € 0.99c Set-up charge per call € 0.25c per minute charged on a per second basis. That comes to €1.24 a basic directory enquiry from them not €1.14 as you state they quote in their comparisons. Also this is from a Eircom landline so comparing like with like how much is 11850 from a mobile for a basic request—or should I say how much more than the 60c Text Express charge. You might bring this to the attention of Text Express so they are comparing like with like in their literature

  • Peter Fry Property Investment Advisor

    Something interesting I noticed on Text Express this morning, I was looking for a Kia dealer in Wicklow (thinking of changing my wheels!) and in the answer I got there was a mobile website I could open and check out what cars they had…..neat! (have a look)

  • It looks to me like Peter has a vested interest in Text Express 🙂

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