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Taxi receipts – have you ever been given one?

I don’t think I’ve ever received a receipt from a taxi driver since it became the responsibility of taxi drivers to provide a printed receipt upon payment for a taxi journey. Nor have I asked for one either.

Have you ever been given one automatically? Have you ever asked for one? What was the response – was it given or was the machine “not working at the moment”?

Just so you know, if you have a complaint against a taxi driver, you’d be much better off providing a copy of your receipt – it’s the best way to identify the taxi in question, and confirm that you actually used it on the time/date in question.

This taxi spotted yesterday obviously doesn’t hand out receipts. (Apologies again for the crappy N95 pictures).

2 comments On Taxi receipts – have you ever been given one?

  • Some taxi drivers have proactively offered a receipt when it is obvious that I’m traveling on business, but more often than not, I have to ask.

    I’m surprised at the number of drivers who offer the old ticket-style handwritten receipt, rather than the official receipt printed by the meter.

    I’ve reported two drivers to the Regulator recently. One couldn’t give me a receipt from the meter, and didn’t have a book of blank receipts. He didn’t even have a pen! He eventually scrawled a figure on a business card, using my pen.

    The second guy (in Cork) didn’t run the meter, gave me a handwritten receipt from a book, and was quite keen to give me a €10 receipt for an €8 fare, presumably to make me complicit in his scamming by making me fiddle my expenses.

    The Regulator guy followed up on both complaints. I got a call with the outcome of the first investigation, and the driver in Cork is due to be interviewed this week.

  • Well I have always been asked if I wanted a Recipt ??? I use about 5 taxis a week ????/

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