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Data Protection versus Consumer Protection – round 2

Update to my post below about data protection regulations not protecting the consumer.

There was an article (linked here) in yesterdays Sunday Business Post that contained the sub-headline of “Payments group claims data protection law prevents naming of shops and restaurants”. But unfortunately, the article doesn’t really detail the reasoning behind this bizarrely anti-consumer aspect of data protection legislation.

From the article, Jennifer Chamberlain, marketing manager of IPSO, said that “the exact locations and retailers in which the incidents occurred could not be made widely available due to data protection issues”.

I still stand by my assertion below that this should not be the case (if in fact this is actually a specific data protection regulation) as their silence is more to protect the retailers and credit card providers reputations rather than protecting customers.

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  • It definitely sounds like a 'cop-out' excuse to blame data protection. Still, it makes a change from blaming Health & Safety for every problem!

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