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Hot or Not – Shopping

Irish Times
Magazine Section, January 3rd, 2004


  • The Zara arrival But beware – it’s everywhere!
  • German discounters Aldi and Lidl’s prices have everyone in a tizz, including Feargal Quinn.
  • Cow’s Lane Market Fashionista heaven, especially Graham Cruz’s stall of customised clobber and vintage designer gear.
  • The re-launch of Roches. No longer just for Tupperware, light-bulbs and fake flowers.
  • Avoca. We can’t exercise any form of control once let loose in those food halls.
  • www.valueireland.com At last, a place to vent consumer-angst spleen.


  • One-cent coins. Utterly redundant
  • Getting stuck in Liffey Valley. Hours to get in, and hours to get out.
  • Louis Vutton rip-offs. So rampant, nobody can identify the real thing any more.
  • Overpackaging. Since when have video tapes been worth a life-and-death struggle?
  • International Buy Nothing Day. That one kinda passed us by.

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