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Irish consumer affairs according to Michael O’Leary of Ryanair

From todays Sunday Independent:

“What needs to be done, is to cut back public spending massively, sell off all the useless semi-states and get rid of all these useless quangos.

“The National Consumer Agency? Complete rubbish. What are you doing? You’re providing a board seat for Celia Larkin to do what? What does she know about a consumer? The aviation regulator? All he’s done is rubberstamp price increases,” O’Leary intones in relation to just a few of his own personal bugbears.

State authorities or “quangos” as they are more commonly referred to should also come under the hammer, according to O’Leary.

Bertie Ahern’s former beau Celia Larkin and consumer guru Eddie Hobbs are fixed firmly in O’Leary’s crosshairs in this regard.

He says: “We have had an explosion of quangos, putting the Celia Larkins of this world on the board of the National Consumer Agency and paying her a fee to do what? Get rid of her! And the other guy, that fella in Cork, the Show me the Money guy, what’s his name? Eddie Hobbs. Sack him! What are we paying any of those guys for?

“The National Consumer Agency is useless anyway as we in Ryanair have demonstrated with the “screen scraper” issue,” he adds, referring to his company’s current campaign to prevent online intermediaries taking bookings for Ryanair flights, and what he considers a hefty illegal sales commission in the process.

No complaints from us here in ValueIreland.com.

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