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Is Time Up For Rip-Off Ireland?

The Irish World
Angela Sammon, January 16th, 2004


Angela Sammon looks at the ongoing price-hikes that have infuriated the Irish consumer and sparked a backlash.

There are signs though, that the Irish consumer is fighting back. New websites have started naming and shaming over-pricing culprits in a bid to get better value and service for the Irish public.

Value Ireland was set up in August 2003 to give vent to the frustrations of the Irish consumer. Customers are encouraged to report their good and bad experiences in a bid to avoid rip off merchants and get a better deal for consumers nationwide. “Better purchasing decisions through better information” is the sites motto.

“I don’t just want it to be a site where people complain. I want to help people find good value as well”, said Diarmuid MacShane, the sites founder.


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