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Michael O’Leary strikes out at the NCA again

Michael O’Leary has another go at the fuckers* at the National Consumer Agency today – you can see his comments about the “plonkers” and “noddies” from todays Evening Herald.

All funniness aside, he made a very important point – and in my mind clearly illustrates the populist nature of the actions of Ann Fitzgerald and the National Consumer Agency.

Ryanair announced it was cancelling flights booked through “screen scraper” websites and following the hoo-haa and publicity it was targeted (all be it through a pathetic letter only) by the NCA for what was perceived to be mistreatment of Irish consumers.

In response to the letter, Mr.O’Leary and Ryanair pointed out that in fact, consumers using such “screen scraper” websites were in fact being victimised by the operators of the websites who levied unclear and hidden charges themselves.

And what did the fuckers* do when presented with a way to actually act in the true interests of the Irish consumer?

The “noddies” took the weekend off, went for a nice drive in the country with their best friend.

1 comments On Michael O’Leary strikes out at the NCA again

  • O’Leary is an arrogant man and loves driving horse and coach through everybody.

    However I think he’s right about the NCA – they seem to be deliberately setup to be useless and interefering.

    Instead of worrying about day-to-day mispricing/no-pricing, rampant misinformation in shops they concern themselves with highly publicised events such as getting flights for the feckers who “really” believed that Aer Lingus were selling Business Class flights for tuppence ha’penny.

    They should stick to the core (unglamorous) business of ensuring that our consumer rights are upheld where there _is_ clear evidence that they are not.

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