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Newspaper advert that looks like spam

I noticed this advert in either the Metro or the Herald AM a few months ago It looked a little dodgy to me. Click on the image for a larger version.

Why does it look dodgy to me?

  • The use of a logo that looks like it might be something to do with Dublin City council or some other official Dublin authority.
  • The use of the words PUBLIC NOTICE
  • The slight scaremongering related to something that many people may be nervous about – gas
  • The artificial deadline of April 30th
  • The spurious use of the (C) copyright symbol
  • The use of small print at the end of the advert
To me, this advert has all the hallmarks of what you’d expect from a spammer sending an e-mail trying to look like an AIB e-mail. I’m not suggesting that it is, but it certainly has the appearance of being a scam.

In reality, the advert is for a real company – HSG – as per the letters set within the Dublin Castle logo. Though, when you look at their website, there’s no sign of the HSG/Dublin castle logo at all.

Their site looks professional enough, but still, I wouldn’t have done business with them on the basis of their newspaper advertising.

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