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Overcharging In Ireland – an Update

According to this article in yesterdays Irish Independent, Hibernian Insurance have had to repay money it stole from some of its car insurance customers.

HIBERNIAN Insurance admitted yesterday it had repaid around 350 motorists after it discovered discrepancies with their premiums.

The refunds were for sums between €23 and €600 and the Financial Regulator was informed, a spokesman said.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see at the end of these articles something like “the Financial Regulator did something” rather than the passive “were informed” and continued to sit on their arses doing nothing while yet another high-profile Irish company is caught dipping it’s greedy mitts into the pockets of Irish consumers.

Click on this link to read about the many other Irish companies doing the same, and since 2004, how useless the Regulator has been in failing to stamp out this kind of theiving.

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