Paying Through the Nose

The Irish Independent
November 13, 2004

  • An optician charged €6 postage to mail a pair of frames – the cost of the affixed stamps totalled €1.44.
  • A motorist was quoted 34c for a plastic clip to fix his electronic window mechanism and €101 for labour. The garage refused to sell him the clip only.
  • €1.45 for a dash of lime in a pint of water in a pub in Ranelagh.
  • €1.75 for a dash of lime in a pub in Rathmines.
  • €34 for a small steak and eight chips in a Dublin restaurant.
  • A Co Wicklow hotel charged €20-per-bottle wine corkage.
  • €230 for a woman’s hair cut and highlights in a Dublin branch of a salon chain.
  • A leather living-room suite sold for €5,995 in a Dundalk furniture store but was only €3,700 13 miles up the road in Newry.
  • €690 for a standard car service.
  • €3.08 for a packet of 30 aspirin tablets in Tallaght.
  • €18.64 for a small organic chicken in a local supermarket.
  • €32 for a nasal spray in a Meath pharmacy that costs the equivalent of €10 in the North.

– cited on Fine Gael’s and the websites

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