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Special offers to attract new business

I personally don’t believe that enough Irish businesses make the effort to attract new customers. It is my opinion that the description of the behaviour of many Irish consumers can best be described as “inertia”.

As someone working in Dublin 2, there’s regular conversations in the office regarding where to go for the lunchtime sandwich, wrap or whatever. Personally, I’m not one who agrees with those that advocate buying the raw materials for sandwiches and making them at home.

From my perspective, the balance between the time and cost to do all this myself doesn’t stack up against the lesser cost of having someone else do this for me. Particularly because from experience, there’s a greater chance of food waste – unless I want to have the same sandwich 5 days a week.

An observation made recently was that many of the lunchtime providers in the Dublin 2 area don’t seem to make much of an effort to attract new or different clients. Most of my own colleagues have their own favourite places to go, and rarely go outside a select one or two places.

So it was interesting last week to see the Insomnia outlets on Nassau Street and Dawson Street advertising a new offer. They’re offering a sandwich and a coffee for €5. According to the boards in the outlets, it’s any sandwich and any coffee any time during the day for €5.

Assuming you get a large coffee mocha for €3.40 and a turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sandwich for €4.75 – that’s a saving of €3.15. Not to be sniffed at!

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