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Anyone else having problems with Pigsback.com?

I love free stuff, and in pursuit of that, I use Pigsback,com. Over time, the free points add up and provide me with Hughes & Hughes book vouchers so I can add to my collection every so often.

However, I’ve had two problems with Pigsback.com recently. Firstly, it seems that every time I earn points for whatever reason, the only way I get my points allocated is after having to e-mail customer support rather than getting them credited automatically. Its becoming a pain, and starting to take the good out of the website completely.

Secondly, I was checking the cost of hotels in Limerick through their “1000 points if you book through 1800 Hotels” offer – which has the punchline “Choose from 55,000 quality discounted hotels worldwide”.

Jurys Inn Hotel in Limerick through that offer was €100. And with 1000 points, or €10 returned, that’s a net cost of €90.

But Jurys Inn Hotel in Limerick for the same night is €61 through Hotels.com. Which is even better value than going directly via the Jurys Inn website which was charging €69 for the same room.

And just to finish the story, the Hotels.com website had rooms at the Clarion in Limerick for about 22% cheaper than going directly through the Clarion website.

Lessons learned:

  • Just because someone tells you hotels, or anything else, are discounted, it doesn’t mean you’ll be getting the best value.
  • Just because you’re getting money back on a purchase doesn’t mean you’re getting the best value.
  • In my experience, Hotels.com provides the best value for most hotels that you might want to make a booking for, worldwide.

2 comments On Anyone else having problems with Pigsback.com?

  • Yep – I have the same problem, I think it might be if you use firefox? I never had the problem before I switched to FF. I alerted customer service to this issue and they said they would pass on to their tech team. Obviously hasn’t happened. But I’m damned if I’m using the inferior IE just for Pigsback!!

  • Hi Deborah,

    I use Firefox and haven’t had any problems with the actual Pigsback.com website.

    Its more when I have purchased something through via the site – I find I end up waiting overly long for the points to be credited. Particularly recently, any points I’m due are only credited when I ask for them rather than automatically.


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