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Competition Works

I’ve written a couple of times about the special offer in Insomnia coffee stores recently – any coffee and any coffee for €5. It’s great value and something I take advantage of myself a somewhat regularly.

Now a rival coffee shop, Cafe Sol, has come up with a competing offer. This offer is for a small soup and a “special sandwich” for €6. On the face of it this is quite an interesting offer – especially as the option of soup now compared to a coffee with the approaching winter is appealing.

However, by being just that little bit stingy about it, Cafe Sol have taken the good out of the offer. I don’t really mind the small soup (though it’s a bit sad), but it’s the “special sandwich” that’s the problem. As it turns out, a “special sandwich” is really only plain chicken, plain ham, or plain egg.

This is compared to the Insomnia where you can get any size coffee, as well as any sandwich in their range. Nice try Cafe Sol, and I’m sure you’ll attract plenty business with the offer, but not mine. Well, unless it gets really really cold.

2 comments On Competition Works

  • In fairness to Cafe Sol their deals are pretty good. The range of “special sandwiches” are brilliant. I either have their ham & swiss chesse or chicken & stuffing every day. They also do a deal with coffees & pastries, now my brekkie only costs 3.50 for my large coffee and raspberry scone. They’re pretty fast too and friendly, they always have my coffee ready when I get to the till so I can’t ask anymore than that.

  • @fidelma – Based on the IP address from where you’re surfing the web, would you like to declare an interest? Just to clarify your positivity towards Cafe Sol?

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