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Latest National Consumer Agency Grocery Survey

I’ve nothing really to say on this latest survey – there was nothing new in February after the last survey, and nothing new this time around either. All we’re really seeing now is the NCA continuing to drive the grocery prices bandwagon – doing pricing surveys is a lot easier than confronting other organisations about their misleading of Irish consumers.
What I would like to know though, about the most recent survey, is why it was actually done at all on the particular day in question? Dunnes Stores had a 10% off weekend offer running on the day in question – surely something like that made the survey a little pointless by distorting the findings?
It’d be funny if Dunnes Stores knew that the survey was happening that weekend – there’s an interesting comparison between their 10% off weekend on the day of the survey and their appearance at the top of the comparisons between it, Tesco, Superquinn, SuperValu, Spar and Centra.

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