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National Consumer Agency to investigate the price of petrol

According to this article in todays Irish Independent, the National Consumer Agency are to investigate why the price of petrol hasn’t decreased in line with the price of a barrel of oil.

Yet again, it’s the NCA and Minister Coughlan jumping on the media generated bandwagon – this time about the price of petrol. We’ve all forgotten about the euro/sterling exchange rate difference, so now it’s on to petrol.

For free and for nothing, I can save them a massive amount of time, and a massive amount of money – let the fuckers* read this blog and my comments on the price of petrol and be done with it.

Just to show you how little these people know what’s going on around them, and seemingly don’t even communicate with each other, according to the article:

Minister Coughlan feels grocery prices have dropped since the NCA’s series of surveys of supermarket prices over the summer.

Yet the most recent NCA survey states:

In general, for Dunnes, Tesco and Superquinn the basket of branded goods has increased from December 2007 to August 2008. However, from June to August the level of the increase has slowed or in some cases decreased.

Hardly a ringing endorsement of their bosses feelings by the NCA.

Maybe we should have the Comptroller and Auditor General, who today released their annual report, carry out a “Value for Money” analysis on the activities of the National Consumer Agency?

Doing surveys and buying baskets of goods doesn’t do anything to bring down prices. All it does is make it look to consumers that the government is doing something about perceived high prices, while in reality they’re doing absolutely nothing. And now they’re going to apply the same logic to doing nothing about the price of petrol.


1 comments On National Consumer Agency to investigate the price of petrol

  • Ohhhh now the big oil companies are in trouble. The National Consumer Agency are going to investigate them! I’d say there were sleepless nights in mansions around the country.

    I predict that the NCA will spend tens of thousands of euro investigating and will come up with a report that Petrol Prices “seem” to be too high so people should shop around. It’s like a standard report they have
    [Insert product here] prices “seem” to be too high so people should shop around.

    Ah it must be great to work for a quango.

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