No customer service and no value = no customers = no business

There was a blog post here on August 14th about a new sweet seller in the Charlestown Shopping Centre in Finglas. The essence of the post is as follows:

I brought my 5-year-old son and 8-year-old cousin to Charlestown Shopping Centre during the week to run a few errands. After bribing them with anything their little hearts desired to ‘please behave for just half an hour’, I made good on my promise and told them to pick out 5 sweets each from the pick-n-mix vendor, Sweet Express. My jaw almost fell off when the assistant asked for payment of €7.90. Yes, you read right… €7.90. For 10 sweets.

We were in the shopping centre last Sunday afternoon, and no sign of Sweet Express. Charging prices like that it’s no wonder.

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