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Shopping Around – It can actually pay

There has been some cynicasm regarding the National Consumer Agency and Ann Fitzgeralds recommendation that we all shop around for anything we’re looking to buy.

ValueIreland.com has been advocating shopping around since 2003, and this e-mail from one of our readers just shows how valuable the advice can be.

I walked into Harvey Normans (Waterford) yesterday to price the DLSR Canon EOS 400D and found the they were pricing the camera at €779. I checked the same camera out in Sam McAuleys chemist at the weekend and they only charge €599 (€550 online). There is quite a difference in price!

I told the HN sales assistant about the cheaper price at Sam McAuley and she just stared blankly at me: ‘ r ya sure it was de same camera’. Yes, I was pretty sure.

Having being bombarded by that Harvey Norman advert on the radio with the manic bloke telling everyone to get down to Harvey Norman right now, I had assumed that at the very least they would have offered some decent value. Not the case.

Of course, what this readers experience also tells us is that we shouldn’t always believe what we hear on the radio and tv.

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  • Certainly pays to shop around. I checked out a Fuji camera in Currys in Limerick and Sam McAuley in Clonmel. They both came in at around €400. Sam McAuley had it marked as “Sale” reduced from over €500. I was about to buy and then a friend who is into cameras told me to check it out on line as he now buys all his cameras and equipment online.

    After checking a couple of sites I got the same camera on Pixmania.com for €299. Just because someone says a product is on “sale” doesn’t mean it is a good deal.

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