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The dearest little shop in town – that makes no money

In March of this year, we added the Dail Kiosk to the count of money wasted by this government – €800,000 at the time. The Irish Independent today has reported that the cost has increased now to €1,280,000.

A couple of comments in response to the post led to a question to Minister Noel Ahern, my local TD. Here’s the letter I received in response (click on the image for a larger version):

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  • The Indo article states that it is staffed by the ‘National Rehabilitation Centre’. There is no such centre. The National Rehabilitation Hospital is on Rochestown Ave in Dun Laoghaire. However ,the Minister’s letter (and the previous reports on this matter) refer to Rehab, which is a privately owned group. The current Chief Exec of Rehab is Angela Kerins, Chairperson of both the Equality Authority and the National Disability Authority (and former failed FF local elections candidate, as far as I know)

    Seems very strange to have an agreement in place with Rehab for 15 years+

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