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Very useful advice for when using a taxi

From Roy at IrishTaxi, here are some excellent tips on things to watch out for when using a taxi.

Following on from the horrific incident in Terenure recently;

Recent “raids” by the Gardai and enforcers on the Taxi ranks in Dublin have uncovered a large number of unlicensed drivers operating in the city.

Many more are using licenses obtained in other counties, not having done the test to prove they have an adequate knowledge of the city.

It is simple for potential passengers to check a Taxi prior to entry, the drivers ID card MUST be displayed and visible through the windscreen from outside the cab, showing the county for which the driver is licensed.

Once inside, the picture on the ID card should match your driver and if you are still unsure the driver MUST also carry his personal ID card on or about his person.

If you do not see the ID card or if the ID card is situated so the issuing county cannot be seen, then for your own safety do not use the cab, use the next one on the rank or street, these days the wait is never too long.

Don’t be shy, just ask.

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