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What’s up with Dublin Bus?

Anyone been the victim of a broken down Dublin Bus recently? In the last week or so I’ve noticed at least 4 broken down buses. I can’t say I’ve noticed any since I started using the service in 2006, and now 4 in a week.

Are they saving money by skimping on servicing costs? Are fuel costs gone so high that they’re running out of fuel?

Have you experienced a breakdown recently? That I can remember, there was a 40a, a 19, a 16a and a 49 broken down in different locations in the past couple of days.

2 comments On What’s up with Dublin Bus?

  • Speaking from down the country it is hard feel too sorry for the poor people of Dublin and their ever so slightly unreliable bus service. Public transportation in this country is almost exclusively designed around the 1/3rd of the population who live within the M50 with Dublin Bus, The Dart, the Luas and now the Metro.

    The village I live in still has the weekly bus service into the earest large town designed in the 1950s to cover the housewife’s weekly shop. It is incomprehensable to Bus Eireann that someone might want a bus service to go to work every day.

    Apparently there was talk of bringing one of those steam engine things here but then Victoria died and there was this big war and then a rebellion and civil war and the whole idea never got back on the agenda. And as for a metro….. well that’s just the stuff of science fiction. Trains underground. Whatever next.

    Sorry to hear your bus broke down and you had to wait another 15 minutes for the next one. Better go. My bus to town will be here in 55 hours.

  • Hi Colm,

    Coming from “down the country” myself I fully understand where you’re coming from.

    I’m in a position where it’s quicker for me to go away for a weekend to somewhere like New York than to get public transport to get home for the weekend.



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