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Consumers’ Association of Ireland AGM – Questions for members to ask the Board and CEO

Halloween is coming so I’m donning my Shane Ross mask and assuming his semi-regular role where he poses questions for shareholders of companies who have an AGM coming up.

This coming Thursday is the AGM of the Consumer Association of Ireland, so I’m providing a few questions for its members to ask the board at the meeting in the Burlington Hotel at 1pm.

What do members actually get for their annual subscription of €96 per year?

  • Members receive a magazine which effectively costs €8 per month – twice the cost of the Eddie Hobbs’ “You and Your Money” magazine. Is that it? Are there any other benefits available from being an association member?
  • The aim of the Association is “To independently protect, promote and represent the interests of consumers”. Where is the primary focus of effort and time of the Association staff and Board – is it on consumers in general (non-members) or on the interests of the Associations members paying their €96 per year?
How many individual, school, and corporate members does the Consumer Association of Ireland actually have?
  • Is it 5,500? (Based on published accounts for the year ended May 31 2008, membership income was €518,165 which indicated a membership of approximately 5,500. Given that corporate and other membership is available at a higher fee, the actual membership is possibly lower than that).
  • What is the rate of membership growth over the past 1, 3 and 5 years? How much was spent on marketing in each of those time periods?
Come along to the AGM on Thursday. Get involved in the discussion. Make the Association better for its members.

A disclaimer – I am a member and a director of the Consumer Association of Ireland, but other members may have better success than me in finding out the answers.

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