Good Food Ireland – are you having a laugh?

I had to laugh after reading this recent article in the Irish Independent, Food industry bites back at rip-off claims. According to Good Food Ireland:

FOOD producers fed up with being blamed for “rip-off Ireland” prices have hit back, saying they are promoting Ireland as a foodie heaven to tourists.

Good Food Ireland said that with two of the country’s most important industries, tourism and agriculture, “on their knees”, now is the time to push ahead with top-quality artisan foods.

So what do they do in order to promote the fact that they’re not ripping off tourists in “rip off Ireland”?

They hold an awards dinner in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin (€199 room only), and give some awards to the Ballymaloe House in Cork (€220 B&B), the Park Hotel in Kenmare (€364 room only), the Merrion Hotel in Dublin (€199 room only), the Cliff House Hotel in Waterford (€200 B&B) and Gregans Castle in Clare (€160 B&B).

Given that the average cost of a hotel room in Ireland in 2007 was €100, Good Food Ireland are hardly dealing with hotels offering much visible value for money. Particularly since those prices are for a Wednesday night at the end of October.

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  1. Ned October 2, 2008 at 09:40 #

    Good Food in Ireland Hotels at reasonable prices? Having work in the hotel industry in Ireland for many years it is safe to say that although you will find some hotel offering good food at reasonable prices? the majority of it is reasonable food at high prices? Why is this? It simply comes down to profit margins, the cost involved in producing high quality meals have risen dramatically over the last number of years (particularly wage, energy and ingredients)thus hotels genrally go for the cheaper options thus the quality declines. In comparision the hotels can make a greater profit from selling hotel rooms as they are cheaper to maintain, thus alot of a hotel resources and energy go into this area! So they will push the prices on the rooms all of the time!

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