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The disaster of ignoring customer feedback

I wonder about the potential true impact of this “free dinner” offer that is allegedly offered in place of leaving a poor review up on the menupages.ie website, as referred to earlier this week?

If someone has a bad experience the second time around, I wonder would the original and new poor reviews be still left up on the site. Presumably such a scenario would be even more damning for the restaurant.

How? Let’s assume a scenario where someon had a bad experience in a hotel / restaurant. That person then complained to said hotel / restaurant and was offered a complimentary nights’ bed and breakfast at a point in time when they claimed that the problems would be resolved.

You would expect then that whenever that person was to book their nights accommodation that said hotel / restaurant would be prepared – they’d know that the person was coming and would be able to ensure that none of the original problems happened again. Sort of like a restaurant being tipped off that a restaurant reviewer was on their way. I don’t necessarily agree with this as such extra special service and quality should be standard for all guests.

It’d almost be like bribing someone with extra special service and quality in order to get them to change their minds about the original poor review and to think better about the place second time around.

What should that person then think if their second experience was the same, if not a little worse, than first time around? How should they feel when, despite the fact that the hotel knows that person is arriving and getting the night for free because of a poor experience last time around, they still put that person in the same room that they’d a problem with last time around, and hadn’t changed a single aspect of their customer service experience that was so poor first time around?

You’d just give up, wouldn’t you? The hotel asked for a chance to improve things, which they were given, and yet they’re no better than they were the first time around. How much do they really care about their regular customers when they can’t properly treat someone they know is watching them really carefully?

It’d almost be like recognising the restaurant critic coming in the door, kicking him in the nuts, and feeding him with last nights slops and leftovers. Take a bow Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

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