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8% Taxi Fare Increase

There was a little controversy last week over the 8% rise in taxi fares implement over the weekend. Not that much though, and it’s pretty much died down at this stage. Sort of like how the Irish public was shafted by the benchmarking process, we consumers are expected to pay more for a service that hasn’t improved for years, and where costs are actually decreasing at the moment with the fall in petrol prices.

However, in case you didn’t see the mention of this anywhere else – are you aware that this is actually a “maximum taxi fare”?

So, you could offer a lower fare to the taxi driver, or in an effort to attract your business (in these tough times for taxi drivers) they could offer you a discount on your fare as well.

Fine Gael’s Olivia Mitchell had the following comment to make on the fare increase:

This is against both taxi driver and consumer interests and unions are misguided if they think this is going to solve the problem of a lack of business.

Yet interestingly, you should look at the type of people who are representing consumers and business interests on the taxi regulator advisory panel. You’d have to wonder what input these people had when the Regulator made her decision. If they did kick up a fuss, we definitely haven’t heard about it and obviously they were ignored.

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