Buyer Beware! – An Apology

The temptation, and subsequent reality, of some creamy pints of Guinness on Thursday evening prevented me from watching the 2nd episode of Buyer Beware on RTE1.

And unfortunately, this isn’t one of the programmes that RTE allows you catch up on by providing it online.

Did anyone see the programme? Any comments?

As a matter of interest, I was doing some recent research where I was reading through the 2007 Annual Report for the National Consumer Agency. Page 52 of the report shows the top 6 reasons for complaints and information requests to the NCA (78,000 in total during 2007). So far, none of the 4 items covered in Buyer Beware! appear in the top 6 problems for Irish consumers.

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2 Responses to Buyer Beware! – An Apology

  1. Anne November 16, 2008 at 22:55 #

    I missed it too. Does anyone know if RTE repeats it. they usually repeat most such programmes the following week.


  1. - Irelands Only Truly Independent Consumer Watchdog - November 20, 2008

    […] still not covering anything that’s appearing in the top in the top listing of consumer complaints to the NCA. Nor have they covered anything to do with the systematic theft of money from consumers […]

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