Is Your Credit Card At Risk?

Apparently mine was last week. I received a call from my bank telling me that their credit card department had canceled my credit card because it was “at risk”.

All they could tell me over the phone at that time was that some “activity” had caused the issue to be flagged and that the card would be cancelled (I learned later that the card had been already canceled).

What really bugged me was that they couldn’t tell me exactly where and when my card was “compromised”. Was it when I bought an item in the St. Stephens Green Centre during my lunch hour, or was it when I bought a couple of items online that night.

In order that I can protect myself and my credit card in the future, I need to know which vendor I need to avoid in future.

The helpful lady in my branch said she’d follow up with the credit card section to get that information. Hopefully, I won’t get the IPSO standarddata protection” response that they can’t give me that information.

Most ironically, I was in the middle of writing up a post and some top tips on how to protect your identity so that such things as this don’t happen. This is all available here.

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