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Following on from my two recent data protection and identity security posts (here and here), I’ve started to keep a running total of the number of Irish companies who’ve lost their customers personal data. This new research is now available here. Please let me know if I’ve missed out on any data loss incidents.

In the same way that we’ve captured every reported incidence of overcharging by businesses of Irish consumers in the past 4 years, we’ll now do the same for data protection breaches.

To date, 20 Irish organisations have overcharged 1,601,258 Irish consumers a total of €623,943,892. And yet no one has been punished, including the many banks who haven’t even been bothered by the Financial Regulator for their wrongdoings.

Based on my analysis, since the start of the year 5 different organisations have been responsible for 9 data loss incidents which have affected an estimated 580,700 Irish consumers.

We Irish consumers are really getting it from all angles. Remember, our tips on protecting your personal data is available here.

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