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Too many Taxis in Dublin? So get a different job then!

At the risk of incurring the wrath of one or two taxi drivers as I did the last time I wrote about taxi drivers in Dublin, can I ask a question following much of the recent coverage where we’re being told that deregulation has led to too many taxis in Dublin.

Am I the only one who’s wondering at the attitude of taxi drivers to this increase in competition in their business – or livelihoods as it’s more emotionally put?

Am I the only one who finds it a little sickening that taxi drivers are calling for regulation to be increased in their business to protect their livelihoods? Did I miss something where taxi drivers became civil and public servants and became entitled to jobs for life?

If there’s too many people involved in your line of business, then do something else. If you’re livelihood is being threatened because of too much competition, then do something different.

In pretty much everyone elses line of work, if there’s too many people doing a particular job that they’re qualified for, they have to find something different to do.

I worked in London in the Financial Services sector in the early part of this decade where business was declining following September 11th and therefore there was a  focus on cost cutting that meant that my emplyoer at the time could hire 3-4 Indians for less than the cost of my salary. Dell employees in Limerick and Cherrywood have a similar predicament facing them in the next few months as well with cheaper labour threatening their jobs too.

It’s a fact of life that challenges will come along threatening your livelihood. Like everyone else, if taxi drivers don’t like the look of their future, they should look at their options and change, adapt, or settle for the way things are. Expecting extra legislation or regulation to maintain a closed shop is unrealistic, and should be resisted as it definitely isn’t good for consumers.

2 comments On Too many Taxis in Dublin? So get a different job then!

  • I once asked a taxi driver if he thought the number of sweet-shops should be regulated and he looked at me with genuine bafflement.

    A lot of these guys are nostalgic for the days when we had to stand in the freezing cold at four in the morning waiting for one of them to show up.

    They also seem to believe they should have the same entitlements as employees, even though they’re operating private businesses.

  • hi,i was trying to get to the coombe hospital last friday night as my wife was in labour.couldnt move on dame st because the place was packed with taxi,s.went up wrong side of street and nearly knocked man down.surely theres 2 many cabs in dublin.its rediculus.there like rats swarming around.surely standards will suffer.it seems odd.no other city has road blocks at 2am except maybe the third world.deregulation wasnt thought out properly.i feel sorry 4 the cab drivers who make an effort ,with decent cars etc.thanks.

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