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Are you an O2 BillPay Customer?

Here is something to watch out for if you are supposed to be only receiving online bills, and not their paper bills. I checked my bill yesterday as it seemed a little higher than normal.

And it was, because O2 were charging me €1.50 to receive a paper bill even though my account was set up as a paperless bill account and I hadn’t actually received any paper bills.

When I rang up, they quickly refunded me my money without a problem.

So, check your O2 account online if you’re a paperless bill account to make sure they have started to apply this paper bill fee to your account. It’ll be easier get the refund applied to your account before you actually pay it rather than trying to get back money you’ve already paid.

If you’ve found that you too have been charged this fee, come back here and let us know.

6 comments On Are you an O2 BillPay Customer?

  • Yes, I was just reviewing my bill with O2 today before i read this alert.
    And I have being paying this paper bill charge and i have a paperless bill too. i just emailed them. I was being charged €1.50 for nothing.

  • john – based on my experience with O2 responding to e-mails, you might be better ringing them rather than e-mailing.

  • got a reply today
    it said:
    “”In response to your query, I have now removed this charged addon for paperbilling from your account and have applied a credit of €10 to cover the charges since it was added in September. For future reference please ensure you do not select this option or change the billing options on o2.ie as this is how it was added.

    I hope this is of assistance to you

    Kind Regards
    so maybe its our own fault for this extra charge? not sure if i did it or not. It was 4months ago….

  • Nice one John. I know from my perspective that I immediately asked for only online billing back in December when I moved to 02.

    I even had a call from their customer service people in April/May asking me if I wanted online bills – even though they eventually saw that I was getting them already.

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  • Hi. I have another situation with O2. I have been with O2 speak easy for roughly 2 years and bill pay for roughly a year (tied to my mobile phone). Back when i was in speak easy, i was being charged 25 cents per minute to call the Philippines but now being charged €2.47 per minute on bill pay.

    rang customer service and the person was initially denying that there is a discrepancy in rates but the proof was on my bill.

    customer care later told me that i should buy speak easy when calling international as they have the rates on “promo”.

    i dont understand:

    1. why should there be any difference in rates? i dont suppose it would cost more if i were on bill pay??

    2. this supposed “promo” has been there for the last 3 years

    3. what is the point of being on bill pay if you cannot enjoy a better rate? (and speak easy customers getting free credits too when they top up by €20 or more)

    4. i am assuming this price discrepancy will also apply to all countries?

    apologies if my narration seems to be a bit scattered. its not nice to be paying a €200 bill when you’re used to paying €30 a month on speak easy!

    any suggestions??

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