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Buyer Beware – Last in the Series – Tonight RTE1, 8.30pm

Tonight is the 6th and last in the Buyer Beware series on RTE1 with Philip Boucher Hayes. Tonights programme has a taster of what it’s about up on their mini-site:

We look at one specific very low calorie diet (VLCD) – Lipotrim, available over-the-counter in over 120 Irish pharmacies. We interview several people who have taken it, and ask whether closer medical monitoring of patients and sales regulation of these types of diets is needed.

Reporter Philip Boucher-Hayes looks at water safety and tests lifejackets and other types of personal flotation devices (PFDs), and discovers that a relatively new device, costing only €5-should probably be added to the list of must haves for all of us when we head out onto the water.

From a personal perspective, I think that the last item about water safety will be the most beneficial of the whole series for anyone who is watching.

The Irish News of The World picked up on my post last week criticising the programme for not really addressing the major concerns of the Irish consumer:

Rip-Offs TV Anger

RTE’s Buyer Beware TV show has been criticised by a consumers group. Diarmuid MacShane of ValueIreland.com said the show concentrates too much on foreign conmen.

He said: “They’ve taken the easy way out. If you look at the rip-offs by big first here, that’s where most people have problems”. “Not the Mickey Mouse operations from the show”.

An RTE spokesman said: “We are very surprised. We regard it as a very successful show and everyone in RTE is delighted with it”.

Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they. They’d hardly come out and say they were sorry they put the money into it because it hadn’t gained the success of other short consumer series, like those from Eddie Hobbs for example. I thought that was a stunning comment in its arrogance from RTE when I read it first.

I think that the best barometer on the success, or failure as I see it, of the show is the overwhelming silence and lack of coverage following each episode – no one really cares about the show or the contents.

3 comments On Buyer Beware – Last in the Series – Tonight RTE1, 8.30pm

  • what happened – switched on and got an old ballyma something or other programme with pat shortt?

    was there legal trouble?

  • @Anne – unfortunately I didn’t get home early enough to be in front of the tv at 8.30.

    I haven’t seen any coverage anywhere else except for this new Wikipedia entry.


  • Thanks Value Ireland for that. It does seem that legal issues stopped the last programme and took programme 4 off the RTE website. Looks as though Buyer beware was getting close. RTE has been hit recently (Monica leech and Liveline with nutty caller). With falling advertising revenue RTE would be reluctant to back their journalistss doing investigative work. Would be great Value Ireland if you could find out the issue. I was looking forward to the Lipotrim programme (last in series) – had seen this in local chemists and was considering it.

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