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Buyer Beware, RTE1, 8.30pm tonight

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz!!!! I don’t know why I’m bothering any more, but remember to check out Buyer Beware! tonight on RTE1 at 8.30pm. Even RTE aren’t bothering to update their mini-site for the programme, so it seems that even they’ve lost interest in it as well – this is the 5th episode but the site hasn’t been updated since episode 3.

Overall I think the programme is disappointing in its irrelevance to the majority of Irish consumers. Philip Boucher Hayes isn’t addressing the main reasons for consumer calls to the National Consumer Agency for example, and they don’t address the scams, ripoffs and consumer issues caused by Irish companies.

Instead they’ve taken the easy option of addressing peripheral ripoffs that most people should already be aware of. They’re focusing on scams carried out here by people based outside the country, and haven’t looked much at all at Irish ripoff artists. Obviously RTE wouldn’t want to be annoying anyone in Ireland that might be paying their tv licence, voting for the government parties, or more importantly, paying for RTE advertising.

Anyway, for the 5th episode, this is as much as I can find out:

Consumer series in which Philip Boucher Hayes investigates companies and individuals who have left customers feeling dissatisfied.

Maybe the true scam in all this is that RTE paid money to have this programme produced in the first place?

3 comments On Buyer Beware, RTE1, 8.30pm tonight

  • Hi Guys, I live in Blackrock, Dundalk, Co.Louth.
    I watch the programme last night about the Pure H2O scam.
    Unfortunately I was also fool into buying this Pure H2O purification machine too. Would like to know if you can provide me with your email address to get some advice on this. Would like to know my rights as I am considering on stopping my payments.

  • I watched the programme and I can’t understand why people parted with so much money – €2000plus – on the basis of the test and their water turning brown. While that would be worrying, why did they not see they were not getting ‘independent’ advice. Why did they not ask, if the water is so bad why are the kids not sick all the time? I can understand buying some sort of filter at €100 or less from that sort of selling pressure but €2,000 plus? We need consumer education at school to make consumers a bit more cynical, to think before they pay.

  • hi i live in kilkenny i also paid €2000 plus for a celtic water solutions water purity fiiter system please forward your email address so i may fill you in on my experiance with a water percipitater

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