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Top Tips for Irish Consumers from Pumps.ie

With thanks to, and courtesy of Pumps.ie, here are their Top Tips for Irish Consumers, the third installment.

  • Don’t buy things you don’t need. When you are tempted to buy something think of how much space you are going to need to store it, will you have to clean it, do you have something else already that does pretty much the same thing and will you be bored with it in no time? It is amazing how much junk we waste our money and precious storage space on!
  • Learn to differentiate between quality and brand. Many branded goods are expensive but of poor quality and many cheap goods can be of excellent quality. Learn to tell the different between good quality products that will last and give good value for money and low quality branded products that just make you feel good because you recognise the brand.
  • Don’t subscribe to things you will not use. Subscriptions will quietly suck away all of your money while you are not looking. Think of those gym subscriptions and clubs you have joined that seemed like good value if you went 3 times a week but only ended up going twice.
  • Don’t fill the car up with petrol if you don’t need to. Only half fill the tank if you are just making short trips where you frequently pass filling stations. By half filling your tank you are not wasting fuel carrying around un-needed petrol or diesel.
  • Buy a remote control for your TV and DVD plug sockets so that you can turn all the units off with one press of a button rather than letting them drain your electricity on standby. These remote control sockets use much less power than your TV on standby and are available for ?20 to ?30in many hardware stores.
  • Drive at a consistent speed that leaves plenty of room between you and the car in front. Driving at a steady speed is more efficient then constantly breaking and accelerating. If you drive too close to the car in front of you you tend to break and accelerate more as you try and match their speed exactly.
  • Walk around your local area rather than driving, not only do you save money on gym membership and petrol but you also get more of a feel for your local community.
  • Get a pension and put as much into it as possible. It is the most efficient way of avoiding paying tax.
  • Claim all of the tax benefits you are entitled too. This can include health expenses, rental allowances and now even a bike purchase!
  • Shop around for goods, especially commodities like petrol or milk which are almost identical where ever you buy them.

The complete series listing of Top Tips for Irish Consumers is now available here.

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