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Irish tourism to go the way of Bulmers & Magners

ValueIreland.com notes that Maurice Pratt was yesterday nominated by the Tourism Minister Martin Cullen to chair the new 10-member Tourism Renewal Group. Another quango, or committee, to give the impression that something is being done without actually doing anything?

In typical Fianna Fail fashion, this new group was set up upon the recommendation of another groups report – the Tourism Strategy Implementation Group.

According to Minister Cullens statement, this Tourism Renewal Group will:

… examine the current tourism policy and programme priorities, with a focus on the challenges, and will set out a framework for action to assist in ensuring that tourism continues to be a major industry for Ireland.

It is hoped that Mr. Pratt can repeat the success in his new position that he had in his former position as Chief Executive of C&C.  It is thought that Mr. Pratt intends to follow a similar strategy as his C&C days to achieve this aim – including the sale of the Cliffs of Moher to the Netherlands to improve their dykes and sea defences, as well as the disposal of the Ring of Kerry, the Wicklow Mountains and the River Shannon. On a positive note, it is believed that Mr. Pratt will also sell off the Temple Bar area to a British Hen & Stag provider so that it can be rebuilt in the UK to save on transport costs.

By the time Mr. Pratt and his group have completed their work, similar to his success with C&C it is planned that the value of Irish tourism to the economy will be reduced by 90%, from the current €6.5bn to €0.65bn.

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