NCA provide a geographical alternative number

Fair play to Conor Pope from PriceWatch in the Irish Times. Following from his article about our site and geographical alternative phone numbers, the National Consumer Agency have now provided an 01 alternative to their 1890 number.

Hats off to the National Consumer Agency for its speedy response to our piece pointing out that calling its 1890 helpline from a mobile could cost people a lot more than they bargained for.

While calling the 1890 432 432 number from a landline costs five cent a minute at peak times, calling from a mobile can cost 35 cent. Last week, the agency organised a landline number in addition to its 1890 number and both will feed directly into its call centre. The landline contact number is 01-4025555 and it should be up and running from this week.

By providing this number, anyone who now needs to call the NCA, particularly from a mobile phone, will save themselves upwards of 35c per minute by having the calls subtracted from their minutes bundles rather than being charged extra calling the 1890 number.


Click here for the Website.

Click here for the Website.

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One Response to NCA provide a geographical alternative number

  1. Paul Browne December 6, 2008 at 21:47 #

    Last week, the agency organised a landline number

    My understanding (from working in BT a long while back) was that any non geographic number (e.g. freefone or ‘Locall’ 1890) was always backed by a normal (e.g. 01) number.

    Kudos to them for publicizing the existing number so quickly though.


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