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WTH: Taxis with lights on, but passengers inside

Quentin Fottrell in the Irish Times Index section last Saturday highlighted something that always annoys me. Why the hell do taxi drivers with passengers in the car still leave their roof light on? As per the Index:

Deceptive taxi lights You drive down the street with your big yellow light on, we wave like a lunatic only to find there’s someone in your car.

Don’t forget though that a taxi driver can have his light on but can still drive past you – he might think you’re an undesirable. However, as far as I could find out, he cannot have his light on and have an empty car but then turn off his light as he’s driving past you.

2 comments On WTH: Taxis with lights on, but passengers inside

  • Because unfortunately there are some of you out there on weekend nights that wouldn’t be picked up by a bin lorry, let alone a Taxi. Got caught too often by coke heads off their trolly and middle aged women that pissed them selves. Central locking. Greeeeeeeat!

  • @daithi – I’ve no problem with that at all. Its just a pity that some taxi drivers don’t actually know when their lights should be on, should be off, or when they can or can’t turn them off.

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