Eddie Hobbs and that directory enquiries advertising

Pop quiz – what company us paying for the advertising of its services on those radio and tv adverts at the moment?

Over the past weekend, we were talking about those adverts and in the group, 2 people thought it was for 11811, while two others didn’t know which company it was for. Yet, everyone was familiar with the ads.

One would have to wonder therefore, whether those adverts for 11890 is actually doing much good for the company itself, or just being of benefit to Mr. Hobbs.

He’s not getting paid for the adverts, and he’s getting mentions for Jack And Jill included, but you’d have to think that 11890 could probably do without paying for advertising that’s doing more for Mr. Hobbs’ profile than for their own company.

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2 Responses to Eddie Hobbs and that directory enquiries advertising

  1. Donal January 27, 2009 at 13:31 #

    True, I wouldn’t know which company it was for. However, I never use those services anyway and I turn off the radio when these ads come on. A quick Google generally gets most numbers. Or there’s the old-fashioned phone book method although I like your idea for replacing phone books by a free telephone enquiries number. Maybe then these ads would stop!

  2. brendan January 27, 2009 at 13:43 #

    Funny that, after reading this, I checked here as well. Out of 4 people, only 1 knew it was 11890.

    Seems like a complete waste of money by them.

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