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Listowel Writers Week Card Payment Surcharge Ripoff

I received this e-mail from a ValueIreland.com reader last week.

I received the Listowel Writers week brochure today.  It says they charge you €6 for paying for a workshop by credit card or laser card.  With laser the company gets the money at the time – they pay a small fee (it was 15c per transaction) to the card company.  Can they charge €6?  How do you justify this.

Here was my response:

Unfortunately this charge, assuming the amount quoted is accurate, doesn’t have to be justified.

They’re free to charge what they want at the moment – the financial industry have been successful in resisting the banning of card surcharges, despite it being part of EU legislation.

Unfortunately, it’s a standard response to many queries that we get, but it’s your own choice as to whether to pay the charge or not. In situations such as this, there’s not a whole lot that the consumer can do about it except not pay it.

And as I can probably guess, there’ll be more people who will pay the charge than those that might refuse to pay – and therefore, they’ll get away with charging it.

For events such as this, with a big demand for tickets and places, people such as the organisers of the Listowel Writers Week are dealing with a captive audience.

4 comments On Listowel Writers Week Card Payment Surcharge Ripoff

  • I noticed this also, however I’ve booked my place with a cheque!

  • @Eileen – thanks for the comment Eileen. The person who e-mailed us originally has taken this option as well.
    Though, I suppose, there’s a cost in using cheques as well.

  • ermelinda furtado brito

    my bank informed me i have pay 150 pounds to aerlingus by my credit card on 12/02/2009 but i d’dint do this payment to aerlingus. i wish us return my money back.

  • @ermelinda furtado brito – You will have to go through your bank/credit card provider and submit a chargeback request, stating that you haven’t entered into this transaction with Aer Lingus.

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