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More delays in getting points Pigsback.com

Yet again it’s taken far longer than necessary (or promised in terms and conditions) to get Pigsback.com points. I’ve raised this a couple of times in the past, and it’s still a problem.

Last time, it was suggest that this might be a problem because I use Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, but the e-mail I got back from Pigsback.com following my complaint is a little more telling. Seems that their points awarding process isn’t as automated as you might have thought.

PiggyPoints for this offer are normally credited within 24 hours however from time to time a PiggyPoint credit gets held up in the system. I checked for a pending credit for your account under this offer and there is a pending credit there. I have approved this for you and the PiggyPoints will be visible in your account by tomorrow.

Fair enough, but this is happening every single time I make a purchase via the site where I’m due more than a couple of hundred points in return.

Is anyone else having this problem – how widespread is this?

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