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Poor service from Komplett.ie

We received this e-mail from a ValueIreland.com reader in the past couple of days:

On December 12th I ordered a camera and memory stick online from Komplett.ie. Their website informed me that the camera would be due in stock and posted from Dublin on December 18th so I figured that I’d have it in time for Christmas Day. On Dec 18th I was informed by email that the camera would not be in stock until December 22nd. I received no further correspondence from Komplett.ie.

During the days after Christmas I presumed that the camera & memory card would be in transit to so I logged onto my user account to discover that the order had been canceled. I couldn’t get through to the customer service division and seemed to be constantly left in a queuing system every time I phoned. I sent two emails between December 28th and January 5th and still received no correspondence regarding my order.

I finally got through to the customer service division on January 6th. I was told that my order was canceled for no apparent reason. I am very annoyed at this service as a customer – if the item could not be delivered it should not be advertised for sale on their website. I think its also very bad form that I was not informed about this cancellation. If I had not made the efforts to check the delivery status I would still be waiting on the arrival. This was a great inconvenience as the camera was to have been a gift.

I have ordered equipment from Komplett.ie twice before this and was not offered so much as a voucher or discount coupon for the poor customer service. I will be taking my business elsewhere next Christmas.

Unfortunately, sharing stories like this is really the only way that Irish consumers can get any satisfaction from poor customer service experiences such as this. While the service provided by Komplett.ie was shocking, they haven’t broken any laws or done anything that could be investigated by the only people who are supposedly there to watch out for Irish consumers interests, the National Consumer Agency.

We in ValueIreland.com have always said that poor customer service experiences such as this should be shared around with others – it was one of the reasons the site was originally set up in 2003. It is important that the more people that know, and possibly stop using Komplett.ie, the more the company may start losing business and then have to begin to look at how they do business.

It’s particularly disappointing that Komplett.ie didn’t even acknowledge or respond to our readers complaint. As many customer service gurus will say, a complaint is a gift – free feedback on how a company might do their business in a better way.

We would always suggest that consumers be particularly hard on business that don’t appreciate such a gift – assuming it’s given in the right spirit (check our Top Tips on How to Complain).

In situations such as this, although such companies probably don’t deserve it, it would be a good idea to write them a final letter explaining what your problems were, what you tried to have them do to resolve them, detail how they let you down, and explain what you’ve done since – i.e. written to consumer organisations, told as many people as possible and had the complaint published on the web.

As a final piece of information, you should confirm to them that because of your disappointment with how they’ve treated you that you won’t be using their service again, and will be recommending to anyone that asks that they shouldn’t either.

I appreciate that this mightn’t always do you much good given how the company has already treated you – but you’re giving them a final chance to resolve the situation. It’s a desperately poor customer focused company that would pass up being given such a easy opportunity to retain a customer and retrieve the situation.

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