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Top Tip for Saving Money on Telephone Directories

I haven’t immediately been able to find out the cost of printing and delivering the in excess of 2.4million telephone directories deposited outside our doors in the last couple of months, but I’m surely the Greens in Government could do something to save a few quid and a few trees by proposing that they’re not printed any more.

Inspired by an article that I read on the Consumerist recently, here’s a Top Tip for Minister Eamonn Ryan – Minister in charge of the Department that would oversee such things.

Stop printing these useless hunks of paper – save money by doing this rather than paying out the money to print and deliver telephone directories that are more than likely not going to be used, and in many cases are likely to be thrown straight into the bin.

Use the money to either reduce, or make free, the cost of calling directory enquiries from our phones.

Surely this is a simple thing to get done. The Universal Service Obligation on Eircom (the current Universal Service Provider) is as follows, according to the ComReg Site:

The USP is required to provide end users a comprehensive printed directory of subscribers, free of charge and updated at least once a year, based upon information supplied to it in accordance with the National Directory Database (NDD).

Why not just have this part of the Universal Service Obligation say that Eircom (for the time being) should provide free directory enquiries – on their 11811 service instead?

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