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ValueIreland.com starting to publish via Twitter

I’m not exactly the luddite that Alexia thinks Tubs of RTE1 is, but last week I followed up on my initial registration of valueireland on Twitter to see what I could do.

I don’t have the ability to access Twitter during the day to try it out properly so I’ve simply set up a Twitterfeed to deliver ValueIreland.com and SayNoTo1890.com updates as they’re published on the respective sites.

Interestingly, catering for blog post titles now to suit that Twitter as well will be something that I’ll have to monitor carefully.

So, if it’s easier for you to keep up to date with what’s being covered on either site through Twitter, then check out the ValueIreland.com Twitter page here.

P.S. – Thanks to Damien for even getting ahead of my own proposed announcement of us starting to use Twitter.

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