Aldi – inflicting higher euro prices than sterling comparisons

We’re being told that it’s mainly the UK stores that are inflicting a higher euro conversion price of their sterling prices, but we’re seeing recently that some Irish businesses are doing the same thing. And now, a has shown us that our German grocery friends in Aldi are doing the same as well. According to our reader:

I do realise that Aldi are doing a good service but even they are milking us. Attached please find a comparison between and Anyone can do the comparison and conversion.

This was the example that was sent in to us:

One important lesson here is that just because a company or shop is known to consistently sell cheaper items in the past, it doesn’t always mean that they’ll always sell you cheaper items. We should be careful to make those assumptions.

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  1. DEREK KEOGH February 23, 2009 at 23:15 #

    I was in Debenhams at weekend and their euro prices are almost 50% more in nominal terms than the sterling price.

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