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Are you an O2 BroadBand Customer? Want to save some cash?

We received this information in a comment on this post last week but I thought it was worth while bringing directly to your attention.

I cancelled my O2 mobile broadband account today. When I signed up over a year ago I was paying €40 a month for their(RUBBISH)mobile broadband service.

I noticed the other day they are charging new customers €20 for the same service. When I phoned them to cancel they said they would put me on the lower tariff straight away.

This is not good enough existing customers paying the €40 should have been lowered to the €20 tarrif as soon as it became available.

Anybody who signed up with O2 for the €40 euro tariff should check to ensure they are not been ripped off like I was!

If you’re calling them, make sure you check out the terms and conditions. From a quick check on their site, it looks like you’d have to sign up for an 18 months contract to get the deal.

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