Cafe Sol – Get your tiny Grande Latte for €3.20

Check out the Grande Latte that I bought last Friday for my Friday afternoon treat in Dublin 2. For €3.20 it was an inch short of being filled and allowing for the heavy foam, it was at least 2 inches short of being full. Pretty stingy in a cup that’s just over 5 inches tall.

What a waste of money! Won’t be going there again!

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2 Responses to Cafe Sol – Get your tiny Grande Latte for €3.20

  1. maryf February 19, 2009 at 23:29 #

    Café Sol,
    Now there is a post nearest to my heart.  We are being ripped off huge, big time for our Cappuchinos.  Recently in a coffee shop belonging to Marks & Spencer in Liffey Valley I bought a Cappuchino.  When I lifted it, my hand nearly shot up to my face, I always put out my hand to anticipate lifting a certain weight, but all I got was a cup of foam.  I complained (silly me!) and I was met with a derisory look and the SA went back and poured the remaining milk from her jug onto the foam.  This was all done because I was ‘grumpy’, not entitled to coffee for my money.   Is there any coffee shop out there than knows how to deliver a good cup of coffee.  I have taken to going into Centra in Manor Street on my way to work, for €1.49 I get a beverage that resembles coffee from one of those machines, but at that price I am not complaining, however, when I pay a premium amount, like an overdraft for a cappuchino, I really do expect a beverage which will last longer than the first gulp!!!   I will also mention that the staff in Centra in Manor Street are so welcoming and friendly, I have learned that many of them come from India and when I had an issue recently with the coffee machine, they addressed it immediately, no problem and gave me a freebie.

  2. E. Byrne May 25, 2009 at 09:49 #

    In response to the above entry I would like to apologise for the incident on behalf of Cafe Sol. We aim to offer high quality product for a fair price but in this case it is clear that the standards we would all expect of Cafe Sol were not met. To resolve the issue completely it would help me greatly if I could find out which store this coffee was purchased in. I would also like the opportunity to make it up to the disappointed customer if possible. Any details or comments are very welcome and I am available in Head Office on 01 6114660.

    E. Byrne

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